Today …

My first post on my weblog. I wish I could think of something profound to say, but alas not today. Give me time, people. Meanwhile …

In the News

Limbaugh Faces Drug Probe Amid Race Flap . Is there anything more beautiful than this? Granted, I could care less about football. (Hell, I didn’t even know Limbaugh was announcing football until this) But I couldn’t possibly care less about Limbaugh. I despise just about everything the man stands for. But this … Has there ever been anything more beautiful?

There’s just one more thing that’s been on my mind. Is is possible that the majority of Californians thing that Arnold Schwarzennegar is actually qualified to govern? The scary part? If he wins Republicans will hold the governor’s mansions in some very imporant electoral states: Florida, New York, Texas and California. And just in time for 2004.

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