Mary, Mary. Be More Contrary.

The people who brought you StopDrLaura.Com have launched another website: DearMary.Com. It’s aimed at getting Mary Cheney – the lesbian daughter of V.P. Dick Cheney – to use what influence she has to affect the debate on the Federal Marraige Amendment. Cheney, remember, has already positioned herself as an advocate for gay & lesbian rights, first at Coors and then with the Republican Unity Coalition. But in the past several months, as the gay marriage debate has simmered and boiled over, she (and the RUC) have been strangely silent.

According to Newsweek, Mary Cheney made a statement in 2002 after she became a member of the RUC: “We can make sexual orientation a nonissue for the Republican Party, and we can help achieve equality for all gay and lesbian Americans.”

This year Cheney joined her father’s re-election campaign staff, and a Jan. 30 article in the Washington Post reported that she was getting paid about $1,400 per week.

I gotta wonder, how does a lesbian work to re-elect an administration that seeks to make her and others like her second class citizens, and still look at herself in the mirror every morning? Consider this from the FAQ at DearMary.Com:

Are you saying it’s wrong for Mary to stand by her father?

It is troubling that an openly lesbian advocate of gay civil rights would run the campaign of a man who would endorse making gays and lesbians second-class citizens in the US Constitution. Many members of the LGBT community have parents who “aren’t quite there yet” on a host of our issues. In spite of that, those of us with any self-respect do not actively help put our parents in a position to champion legislation further oppressing ourselves and our brethren.

Michelangelo Signorile, whose open letter to Mary Cheney inspired the name for the site, wrote:

And now you’ve joined the re-election campaign, just in time to hear the president and your father say that they would support a federal marriage amendment.

What is it like, I often wonder, to have your own father court the very religious zealots who believe your kind are emotionally disturbed child molesters? What does it feel like to have your own father empower people who, if they could have their way, would force you to go through “conversion therapy”? What is it like to know that your own family takes cash from people who think you’d be better off dead, and think you’re going straight to hell when that happens?

Fair questions. I don’t know, however, that there’s any answer that can explain Mary’s apparent support for just those people that Signorile mentions.

Maybe there’s a Log Cabiner out there who can explain to me why we’d be better off with four more years of Bush-Cheney and second class citizenship too. But I’d rather hear from Mary Cheney why she apparently thinks it’s fine for her father and his running mate to make her, me, and the rest of us constitutionally less equal than the rest of our countrymen.

An explanation is due. We’re waiting, Mary.

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    That hoe needs to get beat down.

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