Don’t Tell ME

Don’t tell me anything else about gay people making a mockery of marriage.

Actress-singer Jennifer Lopez has married her current boyfriend, salsa singer Marc Anthony, barely five months after breaking her much-publicized engagement to actor Ben Affleck, Us Weekly reported on Saturday.

The magazine said Lopez, 33, married Latin music star Anthony, 34, who was divorced less than a week ago, at her home in Los Angeles on Saturday in front of about 40 guests. Us Weekly said it had pictures of a giant tent assembled on the estate and of guests coming and going among tables covered in white table cloths and flower centerpieces.

La Lopez can change spouses as often as she changes hairstyles. Ms. Spears can have a 55 hour “joke” marriage. Both have (or had) more rights and protections than my union with my partner.

And people worry that gays are going to wreck marriage. If anything—given the level of commitment that it takes for any gay couple to stay together, and build a future together, in the face of a soceity that offers very little in the way of support—we just might help salvage what’s left.

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