(Un)Proud Mary

Via AMERICAblog:

Well now it appears that Mary Cheney may have set the whole thing up.

365Gay.com has learned that the GOP outrage over Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry’s remarks about Mary Cheney may have been orchestrated by Mary herself.
Sources close to the Bush-Cheney campaign tell 365Gay.com that the idea came up in a telephone call between Mary and her parents immediately after the presidential debate Wednesday night.

The younger Cheney, who serves as a backroom advisor to her father, suggested that she would continue to be a “issue” for Democrats unless something was done to stop it immediately.

Mary Cheney’s sexuality has never been a secret. Prior to joining her father’s 2000 campaign she worked as a gay and lesbian outreach coordinator for Coors Brewing Co. In 2000 she served in much the same function on her father’s campaign.

… What changed between then and last Wednesday’s third and final Presidential debate? The fear within the GOP that Democrats were using Mary Cheney as a “wedge issue” to divide Republicans.

The proposed amendment to ban gay marriage in the Constitution failed in both the House and the Senate because a sizable number of Republicans, for various reasons, opposed the measure.

The “G” word, which Republicans had believed would serve as a rallying cry and drive moderate conservatives to the GOP was being turned against them.

To get back on track, using homosexuality to the Republican’s advantage, could only be done, the source tells 365Gay.com, by going on the attack, accusing Kerry of “insensitivity” and putting Democrats on the defensive.

OK. I’m just gonna say it. That bitch.

Words pretty much fail me at this point. I don’t get why she’s working with and for this bunch of bigots, even if she’s related by blood. It occured to me when the whole thing got started that if Mary was cold, calculating, coniving, and conservative enough she just might take it as an opportunity. But I put that thought out of my mind thinking, “no, not even she would do that.” Boy was I naive.

John pretty much sums it up
, better than I could.

…if Mary Cheney thinks that taking down John Kerry is going to stop her from being an issue, she’s crazier than she is a sell out.

Mary Cheney and her entire family has sold out millions of gay Americans. If she thinks she can work at the highest levels of the enemy with impunity, she’s in for a big surprise. All Mary did with her little trick this week is make sites like DearMary.com, and efforts like Mike Rogers’ blogACTIVE.com, all the more necessary and all the more important.

She can hide in her GOP-tailored closet all she wants. The rest of us aren’t going back in simply because Mary’s sell out parents faked a little outrage to gain political points. If the anti-gay ticket of Bush-Cheney wins again, Mary better fasten her seat belt, because she’s in for a hell of a bumpy ride.

Yeah. Mine is one of the families they’re selling out. So, it’s pretty personal to me.

I knew her Dad was pretty much a cold-hearted SOB. I guess the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. I just wish there was something more I could do to help John and blogACTIVE take them to school a bit. Maybe there is. And heaven help them if I find out what it is.

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4 Responses to (Un)Proud Mary

  1. Tom says:

    I think that we still have to weigh into the circumstances the fact that immediately after the debate Kerry’s campaign manager [Mary Beth Cahill?] told Fox News’s Chris Wallace that Mary Cheney was “fair game.”

    Mary, Lynne and Dick would have known this when they had their phone conversation.

    Parents tend to get pretty pissed off when their child is compared to a deer in rifle sights.

    I still think that the situation is one the Kerry team brought down on their own heads is the right understanding and that dear/deer Mary Cheney is no more of a bitch than she was a week ago.

  2. Tom says:

    Here’s the Cahill quote, taken from a Oct 16 FoxNews article: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,135392,00.html

    “She seems to be very proud and open about her sexuality, her parents seem to be very proud of her,” Cahill said. “It comes up, there are a lot of questions here about gay marriage, and she is someone who is a major figure in the campaign. I think it’s fair game and I think she has been treated very respectfully.”

    It doesn’t sound quite as bad as I thought/feared — but it’s still pretty bad.

  3. Houston says:

    I believe I have already expressed myself in this affair. I did not choose the word “whore” lightly. Of course, if my daddy was worth over $100 million dollars, I’d be a good little whore for him as well. I’m only aggravated that this “story” is sucking air of of stories about Bush’s record. Fuck Mary Cheney. She’s her mother’s daughter. She knows all about “cheap and tawdry.”

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