Yet Another Scene from W’s America

Via Atrios.

Yet another look at the naked face of W’s America.

Lisa Dupler, a 33-year-old from Columbus, held up a rainbow-striped John Kerry sign outside the Nationwide Arena on Friday, as Republicans streamed out after being rallied by George W. Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger. A thickset woman with very short, dark hair, Dupler was silent and barely flinched as people passing her hissed “faggot” into her ear. An old lady looked at her and said, “You people are sick!” A kid who looked to be about 10 or 11 affected a limp wrist and mincing voice and said, “Oh, I’m gay.” Rather than restraining him, his squat mother guffawed and then turned to Dupler and sneered, “Why don’t you go marry your girlfriend?” Encouraged, her son yelled, “We don’t want faggots in the White House!”

The throngs of Republicans were pumped after seeing the president and the action hero. But there was an angry edge to their elation. They shrieked at the dozen or so protesters standing on the concrete plaza outside the auditorium. “Kerry’s a terrorist!” yelled a stocky kid in baggy jeans and braces. “Communists for Kerry! Go back to Russia,” someone else screamed. Many of them took up the chant “Kerry sucks”; old women and teenage boys shouting with equal ferocity.

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3 Responses to Yet Another Scene from W’s America

  1. MindyC says:

    And I bet you anything that those people were “Christian.”

  2. John P. Hoke says:

    And this is after the Repugnicans raised their right hands (at about a 45deg angle) and recited a Pledge of Allegiance to BUSH

    Did fancy armbands and brown shirts get handed out at the rally as well? And boots! I just LOVE the shinny tall black boots 🙁


  3. Kelly says:

    I live in a “Christian” Republican neighborhood. My husband and I were not invited to the Halloween block party because people were outraged by my political signs. These good Christians spent most of Sunday evening calling me and my husband all sorts of vile names behind our backs. Some would not let their kids ring our doorbell when trick-or-treating. These good Christians placed Bush signs on my property, in front of my handmade signs. Fortuantely, the Bush signs were not up more than fifteen minutes before I discovered the “prank”.

    You can see my signs here:


    It’s going to be a long day.

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