Low and Desperate

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Republicans are now so desperate that they’re pretending to be gay Kerry supporters, using outrageous signs and statements to frighten folks into voting for Bush.

“We’re from San Francisco,” one of them said. He was wearing Kerry/Edwards pins, and holding a big Kerry/Edwards campaign sign alongside a homemade one that said: SUPPORT GAY ADOPTION. “We just want everyone to know what we support.”

There were four of them, two men and two women, all carrying signs with similar social wedge issues. One of them, wearing ratty boots and a denim shorts and vest matching suit with a leopard skin collar, walked up and down the line, yelling “Vote for Kerry — support gay marriage!”

“What are a bunch of Republican staffers doing here on Sistrunk pretending to be gay?” I asked the one who seemed to be the ringleader.

“I know all about Polk street and the Castro,” he said. “Stanford University. I’m from San Francisco, and I’m for gay marriage.” He was wearing a yellow golf shirt, tucked into khaki chino shorts with a call phone clipped to his belt — the Republican uniform. “Our candidate, John Kerry, supports gay marriage, gay adoption, everything gay.”

The ruse, apparently, was supposed to target this church-going Democratic crowd by misrepresenting Kerry’s politics. It was a little surprising at first; but then again, that’s the only way Republicans can win: by misleading people.

It has to be seen to be believed. Fortunately, it seems to be backfiring.

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2 Responses to Low and Desperate

  1. ChgoRed says:

    Oh how I WISH someone had held their feet to the proverbial fire and asked, “Are YOU gay?” Would loved to have seen them squirm.

    And I can’t help but laugh at this line–“Our candidate, John Kerry, supports gay marriage, gay adoption, everything gay.” Everything gay? So that means…he watches a lot of Bravo? It just sounds so amateurish. You’d think they could come up with something a *little* more convincing.

  2. Tina says:

    Something similar happened here in Michigan. There were reports of people receiving robo-calls stating something along the lines of “Support John Kerry because he supports same-sex marriage”. Luckily, playing the homophobia card didn’t work, Kerry still won our state. (Though that damn Proposal 2, banning same-sex marriage, passed.)

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