Hot (Talking) Heads

I’ve been working at home most of the day, and I’ve had the television on with CNN running in the background much of the time. It’s a little unusual for me, given that I’ve pretty declared a moratorium on television news, like since right after 9/11 and before the Iraq war. I may have to reneg on that. Reason? Because CNN has some rather attractive male anchors. And for the record, these guys (presented here in no particular order) can give me the news—good or bad—any day:

And I’ve saved the best, or at least my current most favorite talking head, for last: Anderson Cooper. He was already pretty high up on the list, but he rocketed to the top after I caught a transcript of an exchange Cooper had with Jerry Fallwell recently, via Wonkette.

COOPER: But there are a lot of gay families out there, Reverend Falwell, there are a lot of gay families out there. I think there are like a million kids being raised by gay parents who say that if you want to protect families, you know, civil unions will give inheritance rights, will give Social Security, survivor benefits rights to…
FALWELL: Anderson, that’s all a red herring. If you want to leave something to your cat, you can do that in your will…
COOPER: It’s not a red herring. That’s simply not true. It’s not true. You know we pay taxes.

Didja catch that? “…we pay taxes.” “We”? I repeat: “We”? Could that have been the royal “we”? Not that I’m on the market, or that I’d have a shot at Cooper even if I was, but I can’t help hoping so.

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  2. trey says:

    I don’t get cable, but I have to say nearly all those guys almost make me want to get cable just to see CNN.

  3. tina says:

    Lane and I used to see him all the time in our super-gay Chelsea neighborhood when we lived there, including one time at a Thai restaurant with an equally hottie guy. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

  4. Andy says:

    Shit – I missed the ‘we’! Everytime I see Falwell’s bloated mug on my TV screen I feel my stomach sink. He’s so slimy.

    Don’t forget John King. Though he needs a tighter haircut.

    Oh and Mark Galanos.

  5. sam says:

    I knew Anderson was out, but I was waiting for the day… argh. And OMG… Tucker Carlson? Say it ain’t so!

    I am all about some Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

  6. Tom says:

    Anderson Cooper is a brilliant journalist, mixed in with a lineup of folks who aren’t. He is clearly a brilliant, just, all-around good guy trying to get directly to the important point with every topic.

    The snippet you posted shows just the kind of questions he asks — whether he is personally involved in the issue or if he’s not. Cooper is terrific.

  7. Jim says:

    Back off — Anderson’s mine!

  8. sam says:

    Oh I don’t think Anderson’s a “brilliant journalist.” He doesn’t do most of his reporting. And I remember that month recently with all the hurricanes, he went out “into the field” and I watched him all night on CNN reporting the hurricane, laughing and giggling and joking, when peoples’ homes and towns were being destroyed. I thought it was tasteless and childish.

    But I also thought it was cute, and he is hot!

  9. ted says:

    Hehe, I went to high school with Sanjay Gupta, was actauly a fairly decent guy from what I recall.

  10. Bitch | Lab says:

    heh. I couldn’t help but writing a teasing little post — particularly since that guy must blush hard — when he wrote a post about how embarassing it was to edit his mother’s memoir. I was hot for him when he got all passionate in New Orleans, but the blushing thing I imagined going on when I read the CNN article — fab! Still, I can’t get over how a guy can come from _that_ background and be unaware of the sexual shenanigans that seem to be a normal part of the lives of the rich and famous. He didn’t _know_ his mother might have had a hot sex life? It was so cute, how could you not love that? :p

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