Just Another Day In W’s America

And, just so you know, the “W” doesn’t stand for women.

The U.S. Department of Justice has issued its first-ever medical guidelines for treating sexual-assault victims – without any mention of emergency contraception, the standard precaution against pregnancy after rape.

The omission of the so-called morning-after pill has frustrated and angered victims’ advocates and medical professionals who have long worked to improve victims’ care.

Gail Burns-Smith, one of several dozen experts who vetted the protocol during its three-year development by Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women, said emergency contraception was included in an early draft, and she does not know of anyone who opposed it.

“But in the climate in which we are currently operating, politically it’s a hot potato,” said Burns-Smith, retired director of Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services. (emphasis mine)

Read it again, just to make sure you don’t miss it: no mention of emergency contraception, the standard precaution against pregnancy after rape. What rape victims might not be getting, then is the “morning-after” pill. And why? Because it’s a political “hot potato” at the moment? So, in order not to piss off the relgious right, women who are already traumatized by rape may now have that experience topped off with the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy resulting from rape. I can’t even imagine the trauma of being raped and then being forced to bear your rapist’s offspring.

And you can bet the same wingnuts who want make sure pregnancies from rape are carried to term will turn right around and cut any social programs that might help the children they so want to see born. And allin the name of their “god.”

It’s a beautiful world they’ve got planned for us, folks. Really. Enjoy the ride.

Via Atrios.

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