Worth It?

The anquish this little Iraqi girl expresses is due to the deaths of her parents moments before. Shot by U.S. soldiers while driving their family home after curfew, they were killed right before the eyes of their childre, who emerged from their car wounded and covered in their parents’ blood.

Meanwhile, back in the U.S., support for the war continues to wane. But even though the main reason for the war, those elusive “weapons of mass destruction,” seem to have been a figment of the administration’s imagination, as many 39% of Americans still think the war in Iraq has been worth it.

I wonder, if they could ask her, whether this little girl—or her brothers and sisters—would say it was worth it. Will she feel better when she’s told that her parents’ death was a mistake? Will hearing that her parents’ death wasn’t what we intended in the “liberation” of Iraq? Are we naive enough to think that thing like this won’t happen in war because we don’t intend them to? Are we naive enough to think that our intentions make any difference to this little girl and thousands more just like her?

Whatever. Let’s party.

A soldier with the 1st Battalion, 5th Infantry Stryker Brigade Combat Team of the 25th Infantry Division stands in blood spilled when an car filled with seven members of an Iraqi family was fired on.

Via Boing Boing.

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    Thanks for posting that, as hard as it is to see. I linked to it on my blog, but I don’t know how to do trackbacks. Just thought I would let you know.

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