No Mini For Me, Yet

OK. So, I didn’t get it; the Mac mini, that is. It’s mostly because I’ve decided I don’t want to spend the money right now, and it makes more fiscal sense for me to wait a bit. The rush, however, appears to be on.

As of Friday, lists the Mac Mini as available for order. The site offers both the $499 and $599 models, the latter offering a more spacious hard drive and faster processor.

Customers may have to wait, though. Target’s site lists availability as “arriving in 2 to 6 weeks. Order now.” Apple’s online store also notes a three- to four-week wait for new orders. The Mac Mini, announced at Macworld last week, is slated to go on sale at approximately 100 Apple retail stores early Saturday (as is the iPod Shuffle portable music player), though some of the earliest customers from Apple’s online store have reported receiving their computer.

Ah well, I’ll wait anyway. It’ll probably be closer to my birthday (a month from this past Thursday) before I order one or make a trip to the Mac store near my office to see if they have any.

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4 Responses to No Mini For Me, Yet

  1. John P. Hoke says:


    You are probably better off waiting a bit anyway, to let any “issues” shake themselves out in the first batch.

    From what I see the machines are speedy as all hell for the money, the only drawback is the harddrive may not be the quickest … I wonder if swapping the disk voids the warranty… [hint hint]

    You too shall be [un]assimilated. I was shown the light last March, and honestly, I have not been happier and less aggrivated … its the Zen of no PC issues 🙂

  2. Andy says:

    The mini is taken, more or less verbatim, from the internals of the current eMac (minus the screen, and with a different HD and motherboard). The only issues thus far, is that a certain batch of older models of Cinema Displays don’t work properly with the mini.

    But yeah, rule one of computer-buying is to only buy it when and if you need it. It’s way too easy to get caught up in the early-adopter mindset. Especially when it comes to Apple, since the hype within the mac-community usually reaches fever-pitch along with the announcements. I’m sitting here, right now, trying to justify buying one myself. “I’ll need it for… uhm… save space! …by *adding* a computer to my setup? Uh… yeah!”

  3. Brechi says:

    yeah, seems like a nice bday gift for yourself 😉

  4. Of course, I’m not exactly a part of the mac-community. I do work in an office of mac-enthusiasts, though, so some of it probably rubs off on me. Anyway, I can’t begin to make a case for needing a Mac mini right now. It’s just a case of want. So, I’ll wait for the furor to die town a bit. A month, maybe two.

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