I Weakened A Little Today

I called them, to see if they had it. They didn’t (sold out). So, I still wait. Probably for the best, right now.

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One Response to I Weakened A Little Today

  1. Andy says:

    If you’re thinking of using it as a primary computer down the road, you might want to check into getting it ‘Built to Order’ through an Apple Store or ‘the’ Apple Store online.

    The reason for this, is that they just lowered the prices of extra memory, HD, WiFi/Airport and Bluetooth today and doubled the DVD-burner speed from 4x to 8x (at no extra charge).

    (Yes, yes, “everyone *has* to own a Mac”. The irony — my disdain for christians showing *their* beliefs down *my* throat — isn’t lost on me)

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