No-Brainer. No On Gonzales.

As I’ve said before, some things ought to go without saying. It’s clear that the decisions of this administration have led us down the wrong road, to a place from which we might find it difficult to return; a place at which we have come dangerously close to appearing to be everything our enemies say we are.

Mark Danner said it best in his New York Times editorial.

…By using torture, we Americans transform ourselves into the very caricature our enemies have sought to make of us. True, that miserable man who pulled out his hair as he lay on the floor at Guantánamo may eventually tell his interrogators what he knows, or what they want to hear. But for America, torture is self-defeating; for a strong country it is in the end a strategy of weakness. After Mr. Gonzales is confirmed, the road back – to justice, order and propriety – will be very long. Torture will belong to us all.

Alberto Gonzales, Bush’s nominee for attorney general, is the man who open the gate to this path for the Bush administration, and made it possible to proceed down this path under the cover of legality. The occasion of his possible confirmtion as attorney general is an opportunity to repudiate the path that he and the Bush administation have chosen. It is a chance to turn back. It is a chance to say “no,” and—in the final edit—to be on the right side of history.

For these reasons, and many others, I’m joining the bloggers who have signed on to a statement at Daily Kos opposing the confirmation of Alberto Gonzales and urging the Senate to reject him.

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