Going Bi

“Bi-OS,” that is. I came across this article about the Mac mini that perfectly describes where I’m probably headed technology-wise: having a Mac and a Windows machine side-by-side.

Most Windows users can’t easily switch to the Mac because of what I call the “but one” rule: The Mac does everything you need, except for one thing. That one thing varies, yet it’s almost always there.

My “but one” need mostly involves games. (That’s with the exception of my latest addiction, World of Warcraft, which I usually play on the iBook because it runs smoother, etc.) The solution, which a few readers here clued me in on is getting a KVM switch.

You’ve got three choices for keyboard, mouse and monitor:

…You can get a KVM switch. An abbreviation for “keyboard, video display and mouse,” KVM switches connect two or more computers to a single keyboard, mouse and monitor. KVM switches for connecting two computers, along with the extra cables required, cost about $75 to $150. The best-known KVM suppliers are Belkin (www.belkin.com) and Iogear (www.iogear.com).

I think I’ve narrowed down which KVM switch I’m probably going to get. At least I’m down to two choices. One is more expensive, but according to the website is supposed to work with Mac mini. The other is less, and will probably work just ask well.

I think I’ll end up using the Mac for anything I do on the internet or the web, and use the Windows machine for games and other Windows-only applications. At any rate, I’ll probably order my Mac mini online sometime towards the middle or end of February. Off course, I’ll blog about it when it arrives.

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  1. Todd says:

    If games are your thing, what you really need is an Xbox. Or maybe a Pippin. Either way, there’s nothing like killing your Halo 2 buddies over the internet.

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