Piss Off, Protector of Pedophile Priests

Pardon my French, but will someone kindly tell the Pope to go fuck himself?

Homosexual marriages are part of “a new ideology of evil” that is insidiously threatening society, Pope John Paul says in a new book published Tuesday.

…In one section about the role of lawmakers, the Pope takes another swipe at gay marriages when he refers to “pressures” on the European Parliament to allow them.

“It is legitimate and necessary to ask oneself if this is not perhaps part of a new ideology of evil, perhaps more insidious and hidden, which attempts to pit human rights against the family and against man,” he writes

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not shocked at the Pope’s comments. I’m not even surprised. I’m just tired of it, specifically and in general. (I don’t have anything against Catholics either. I’m married to one, though he’s a “lapsed” Catholic if there ever was one.) See, I am a part of the human family. How can my very existance be against it? How is the love I have for my husband and my son part of an “ideology of evil”?

What’s disturbing about this kind of message is what uses people will make of it. Defining us, and our love, and our families as part of “the ideology of evil” puts gays and lesbians in a specific category; one that pretty much separates us from the rest of the human family. After all, one does not tolerate “evil.” One doesn’t make accomodations for it, or “agree to disagree.” You don’t grant equality under the law to “evil.” The only thing you do as far as “evil” is concerned is to fight it until it is defeated and destroyed.

Of course, the Pope doesn’t have much moral authority as far as I’m concerned. I think he’d do better to focus on doing something about the epidemic of child-rape going on in his church, on his watch. What worries me about his rhetoric are the people who do see him as a moral authority, and just what actions they might take based on his rhetoric, that might directly affect our families.

Maybe there’s a better way of fighting that rhetoric than the way I chose in the post. In fact I’m sure there is. I just don’t have it in me right now. I’m too isick and tired of it. So, my only response to the Pope is “piss off.”

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7 Responses to Piss Off, Protector of Pedophile Priests

  1. ChrisV82 says:

    I hope, one day in the future, the fact that there was ever a debate over gay marriage and gay rights looks just as preposterous as segregated water fountains. I want my children (more likely grandchildren) to read the “gay equivalent” of Loving v. Virginia, and say “Why were people so stupid back then?” The Pope is a jackass. He looks at love and sees evil, and then we wonder why the world crumbles around us. Of course, what perspective does he have on life in his fabulous palace and bubble car?

    By the way, did you see this: http://images.dailykos.com/images/user/3/aarp.gif ?


  2. Joan says:

    Even raised Catholic, I don’t have much use for the Pope’s opinion. Personally, when the pope shoves a 9 pound butterball turkey out of his *ss without so much as a tylenol…or spends the night walking the floor with a baby with a 103 fever that can do nothing more than vomit down your back all night- THEN he can talk to me about birth control and family planning!

    Similarly, only after he starts dating, gets dumped a few times and finally finds true love can he tell me what he thinks about who can and can’t get married. So long as he remains a pastey old virgin, locked up in a tower like a modern day Rapunzel, he really shouldn’t be spewing opinions about other people’s personal lives!

    To his credit he HAS snuck in a few historic changes in his tenure. admitting that Davinci was *cough sputter* RIGHT and that the crusades weren’t such a good thing is stuff the popes before him weren’t even going to try to address! Of course, everyone else already knew this, but he forced the church to get withthe program there. Hopefully, somewhere down the road a newer pope will overturn this one’s opinion of marriage!

  3. Terrance says:

    Don’t get me wrong. I can be evil when I want to, but calling me evil because of who I love … Well, there’s just something sick about that.

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  5. ken says:

    have a look at avro manhattan’s web site but not if you’ve just had your breakfast

  6. richard white says:

    Dear Holy, Religious and Political Fathers
    of Judeo-Christian Constitution,

    Of your sincerity, who can boast?
    You tell us what to believe; yet you silence the Host.
    You try to play the part of the Holy Ghost.
    You want to control the one thing this world needs most.

    So as we command our freedom to express,
    you cease to rape our souls from coast to coast.
    Over Babylon, we will raise our cups in a victory toast.

  7. Dana Scully says:


    … but IF You live outside religions You must be very attentive to Your moral & ethics , otherwise You are really just a bunch of spoiled kids trying to react to/oppose to/provoke Your divine parent (whether it be a pope-father or a holy mother) .

    In the case of Catholic Christianity You will of course be a Catholic opponent (which is defined as Satanism = evil ideology) and You cannot blame those who You ACTUALLY want to join (or convince ?) – it is not humanity , but a group like any other religious factions … and I have to say (risking my eventual popularity !) that it seems sexual orientations has grown into such a faction !
    “Holy Mothers , I’m Lesbian and Saved from men !

    As for Leonardo Da Vinci should have been homosexual , I have my sincere doubts ; he (like myself) found BOTH male and female genitals repulsive – remember people were extremely promiscuous at his time much like our days – so he apparently was abstaining from the freedom of f*cking anything !

    To support one’s indivdualistic sexuality it has been the habit for many years to discredit/credit people who are dead and cannot speak up – imagine if the pope said :
    Remember Oscar Wilde ? This socalled gay man’s last confession (which he told one of my predecessors) was that HE just wanted to oppose the system in a disturbing way and HE really wanted to have a sexual relationship with some woman HE couldn’t get ?

    Please , get a grip Ladies ! Or sue me for making You see Yourself …

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