Mac Daddy In the House

It’s alive. The mini is up and running, and this is my obligatory first post using it. (I haven’t downloaded Firefox yet, so I’m using Safari at the moment.

It was easy to set up, even with the KVM switch to deal with. I haven’t done anything daring with it just yet. I’m downloading updates, and getting it up and running online is enough of an accomplishment for the moment. I’m sure I’ll play with it more later.

I have to say it’s a little disorienting to see the Mac interface on my screen. I’m only used to seeing it on the iBook.

Ah. Updates are downloaded and installed. Gotta restart.


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2 Responses to Mac Daddy In the House

  1. Zach says:

    Hope you enjoy! I liked a lot of the things you did with your site and made the jump to word press. I am impressed.

  2. John P. Hoke says:

    Now all you need to do is load up WoW on the mac and play from there …

    We should all start new characters on the same server and start up the Blawwwgers Guild 🙂

    Good luck with the new Mac … let us know any speedbumps you hit

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