Mac Daddy

It’s here. It arrived at my office a few minutes ago, and it’s now sitting on my desk. I opened the box, just to see what all is included, but that’s it. I’ll set it up, and have more to say about it, later this evening.

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4 Responses to Mac Daddy

  1. John P. Hoke says:

    You are now officially [un]assimilated and will watch your Windows usage atrophy over time until all you use it for is to download windows updates out of a sick habbit and to play one or two games …

    I have not powered on my personal Windows machine in 4 mos, and only use my corporate laptop to get mail from Outlook… don’t open windows… tear down walls 🙂

    Do tell how the Mini is though… I am looking at getting one for my father so I do not have to support his Windows errors any more 😀

  2. Chris T. says:

    Welcome to a new world! 😉

  3. Andy says:

    Screw Hawai’i – I want that!

  4. MindyC says:

    Whattcha gonna name it?

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