Neat Mac Tricks

So, I’m enjoying the Mac mini immensely. I’m particuarly enjoying all the little trips and tricks I’ve been picking up here and there.

Some favorites of mine include some keyboard shortcuts I’ve learned. Like “command key + ~” (on my keyboard it’s the key between “Ctrl” and “Alt”) which allows me to switch between open windows of the same program. I use it mostly to flip between the navigator and email windows in Mozilla. I’ve set up Mozilla to open the email window when it first starts up, so now I’ve taken to useing “command+n” to open the navigator window. Finally there, little trip our sysop at work taught me: that I can make an archive (zip file) any file or folder by right clicking on them choosing that option from the contextual menu. That was pretty cool.

But it also occured to me, now that I’m using the iPod with the mini, I can also use it as a sort of portable hard drive. So, I think I’ll use it to carry work files, so that I don’t always have to open the iBook to work at home.

Anyway, it seems I’m always learning something new about Mac OS X, and I’m sure there’s tons I’ve yet to learn; maybe so much that I couldn’t possibly learn it all.

Update: OK, forget that iPod trick. It seems I’d already enabled sharing, so when I opened the iBook it automatically became part of the mini’s network, making file sharing incredibly easy.

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2 Responses to Neat Mac Tricks

  1. Madsen says:

    Hi Terrance

    Since you’re new to Mac and Mac OS X, I will allow myself to, shamelessly, link to a list I’ve put up on my blog. It’s a list of what I see as “Indispensable MacOS X software” plus some useful links for OS X newbies…Maybe there’s something you can use 🙂

    Congrats with the Mac Mini 🙂

    “Indispensable MacOS X software”

  2. Terrance says:

    I don’t know if I’d count myself as entirely “new” to Macs, etc., since I’ve been using them at work since August. But I guess I’m relatively new, in that there’s a lot I’m sure I don’t know yet.

    Thanks for the link!

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