Further Dispatches from the Republic of Gilead

Good grief. Welcome to another day in W’s America, folks. This morning’s news to make you want to check an atlas to make sure the the country’s name didn’t change to Jesusland while you were sleeping comes from Hope.

It’s the story of a 13 year old girl who’s living in a shelter for abused and neglected kids. So, she’s been abused, neglected, and is under state care. What does the state want to do? Force her to have a baby, of course.

As a 13-year-old Palm Beach County girl prepared this week to end a pregnancy she says she does not want, the Florida Department of Children and Families went to court to stop her from having the abortion.

The American Civil Liberties Union challenged the state’s position Wednesday, saying DCF is overstepping its authority and violating the girl’s constitutional rights.

The girl, identified only as L.G., lives in a shelter for abused and neglected teens and found out two weeks ago during a doctor’s appointment that she is pregnant. Soon after, she told her DCF caseworker in Palm Beach County that she wanted an abortion.

The caseworker scheduled an appointment for the girl to have an abortion Tuesday and planned to drive her to the office, according to an appeal filed by the ACLU. On the same day, lawyers for DCF filed an emergency motion to stop L.G. from terminating her pregnancy.

… The Supreme Court has established that nobody has the right to determine L.G.’s best interests but L.G. herself, the ACLU argues.

L.G., who is 13 weeks pregnant, does not believe she can care for herself or a child, said Bob Bertisch, the director of Palm Beach County’s Legal Aid Society.

The girl has received counseling from a women’s health clinic, talked about her decision with responsible adults and knows the medical risks of abortion, the ACLU and Legal Aid Society wrote in the appeal.

The ACLU asked the courts to act quickly. As she moves into the third month of her pregnancy, the abortion will become more risky, they said.

No word yet on whether there’s any concern for how she got pregnant on the state’s watch in the first place. My bet is that this case drags on to the point where she can’t terminate the pregnancy without risk. The ACLU director got it right when he said “forcing a 13-year-old to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term… is just plain cruel. This is what you get when ideology dictates child welfare decisions.” Cruel and ideology driven is exactly what it is, but it’s what’s’ going to happen in this case. Bet on it. Regardless of how she got pregnant, in my book forcing her to carry it to term qualifies as a rape done by the state. It’s a violation. plain and simple.

And in case you’re wondering if you woke up in the Republic of Gilead after reading this, don’t be so sure you didn’t. It’s a wingnut’s world these days, folks. The rest of us are just livin’ in it.

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3 Responses to Further Dispatches from the Republic of Gilead

  1. MindyC says:

    Wow. That is just awful. If she wants an abortion let her just have one. She’s 13 for crying out loud! What would carrying the pregnancy to term do to her barely developed frame? Sure, the baby might be adopted. Or it might just disappear into the hideously awful foster care system and never reappear again – just like so many other children in Florida.

    I suspect you are right – they’ll just string it out until it becomes too late. She should just sneak out, get to an abortion clinic, and have it. What could they do to her then?

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  3. Katharine says:

    A clear case of judicial activism in direct contradiction of the law. I suppose now, with this case, the Florida politicians will present legislation regulating age of consent on abortions.

    D. and I keep talking about moving out West. Stuff like this just makes it all the more appealing. I want to be far away from these fanatics.

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