Another quickie, just to say that I finally upgraded to Max OS X Tiger at work. I’ll probably upgrade the home computer tonight, after the kid goes to bed. I haven’t had a chance to try out all the new stuff, but the widgets sound particularly interesting. At present, I’m trying Mail to see if I like the new version any better. I attempted to use Safari,b ut discovered that I couldn’t see my nice little formatting buttons when I post to WordPress. No biggie. I can use quicktags or HTML, but I still like having them there in case I want to use them. So, for now it’s likely I’ll stick to Firefox or use Camino.

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2 Responses to Unleashed

  1. George says:

    Be sure to upgrade Firefox to 1.0.4!

  2. Terrance says:

    I learned that upgrading automatically resets your default browser to Safari and your default email program to mail, if you had them set differently before. Not a big deal, but it took me bit by surprise.

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