And You’ll Know They Are Christians By Their Love

By their love. Yes, you’ll know they are Christians by their love.

And you’ll know they’re Southern Baptists if they have a problem with gay kids not getting beaten up.

Rev. Voddie Baucham, Jr. said if schools are found to be promoting homosexuality through any number of specified means, churches are advised to call on their members to pull their children out of the schools and either home school them or place them in Christian schools.

The means specified in the resolution include “officially sanctioned homosexual clubs” (such as Gay-Straight Alliances), such deceptive labels as safe sex, diversity training, multicultural education, anti-bullying and safe schools.

…He said he and Shortt deem anti-bullying and safe schools programs to be merely fronts for teaching acceptance of homosexuality as a valid way of life.

I can just see the flyers now: “Safe Schools for Sodomites is Sin!” After all, a good beating might be just what movtivates them to give up their abominable lives and turn to Christ. Just make sure you bash out of love. As Kevin put it over at Lean Left, “Who would Jesus beat up?”

I was a gay kid. Actually, I was a flaming, over the top gay kid who just couldn’t help being flaming and over the top. And for years I caught unholy hell for it. After coming out—at 13, a mistake in retrospect—I was suicidal and homicidal. I came home depressed and angry every day. I’m not sure I’ve ever completely gotten over those years, or put them behind me.

It was the 80’s, the Reagan years, and I was in the South, going to school in a pretty rural area. I didn’t have many places to turn, any indication that anyone—even an adult—would take my side if I asked for help. My parents weren’t much help either. If I told them what the kids at school were calling me, the response was “Well, you’re not. Are you?” And it was pretty clear my answer had better be “no.” On the issue of homosexuality, their only advice was to tell me to read the Bible. (Specifically some part of Leviticus, and the story of Sodom and Gommorah.) So, I was on my own physically and emotionally, against some pretty tough kids. It got to the point where I flunked phys. ed. because I refused to go into the locker room anymore, knowing what I’d have to face there.

One day, my mom overheard me saying that I wanted to take a gun to school, blow away my classmates and then use it on myself. And I knew there was a gun somewhere in the house. I just don’t know if I would actually have done it. I didn’t get the chance to find out. To my mom’s credit, that statement landed me in a therapist’s office. I told him at the beginning of the first session that I was gay and I wasn’t there to change that. After he got over the shock of hearing this from a kid my age he said “Let’s just work on the whole person and let that part fall into place where it will.”

The point is, I caught a lucky break. I could have used an anti-bullying program. It might have saved me a lot of needless pain. Things turned out alright for me anyway, but there were kids then who were worse off than me, who didn’t catch the same kind of breaks. A lot of them didn’t make it. There are gay kids today who have it worse than I did, and a lot of them don’t make it either.

What I don’t hear from the Southern Baptists is just what alternatives they recommend to protect gay students from bullying, and make schools safe for them too. I’m guessing the reason I don’t hear that is because safe schools for all kids—including gay kids—isn’t a priority of theirs. My guess is that it probably won’t be any time soon.

Yeah. You’ll know they are Christians by their love.


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