Blog Demotion?

Update: Well, as Hope pointed out, I guess I did make the C-list. I swear I never saw that. I looked under the H’s and the R’s but not the T’s. Of course I half think that got added sometime recently, but—as we now know—I’ve been wrong before.

Awww, man. I didn’t even make the C-list? Geez. Am I a nobody, or what?

Congrats to Garrett, anyway, for making the B-list. If blogging the White House only gets you on the B-list, I guess it stands to reason I wouldn’t even make the C-list.

(Yeah, yeah, I know it’s probably some viral marketing scheme or something. Anway, maybe if I link to it they’ll put me on the list. Eh. Probably not. Oh well.)

Via Snarkmarket.

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7 Responses to Blog Demotion?

  1. Be concerned with content, not who ranks you on what list 🙂

  2. Brad says:

    It’s okay T. You’re on MY A-list!

  3. Terrance says:

    Really, this blog ranking business is getting kind of silly. I’m thinking of taking a solemn vow to not even look at my stats for a month.

  4. Jim Burroway says:

    What?!? Not look at your stats?!? How will you know if you’re any good? 🙂

  5. hope says:

    Yeah, you DID make the C list. Go look again.

    Under “Terrance”

  6. JW Richard says:

    Yeah, you said it, T. The stats aren’t really not a solid barometer of anything except a lot of hits, and if hits were s—s, we’d all need stool stiffener.

  7. Ian welsh says:

    Wouldn’t worry about it. I took a look at it and some names are very conspicuous by their absence. I don’t think it was even entirely based on traffic.

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