What Majority Rule Means

I’ve beat this drum before, but I’m not sure I ever got the point across. Hale at BOP News pretty much has it down.

Currently, Republicans claim the courts should not legislate from the bench. Instead, courts should abdicate to the “will of the people”.

Therefore, under Republican logic, the Supreme Court was wrong in Loving v. Virginia because a majority of Southerners were for banning inter-racial marriage.

The Reublicans support racism if a majority of the people are racist, and victims of racism should have no legal recourse.

Yup. Brown v. Board of Education was wrong too, by their logic. Should never have happened. And shouldn’t have the life I have now because it did happen. Gotta get back to the way things were then. That’s what the hunger for absolute majority rule is all about. Putting some of us—who have benefited from being able to seek justice through the courts where most of our fellow citizens would deny it to us—back in our place.

When that route is closed—and make no mistake that its closing is currently in motion, as evidenced by the recent Senate compromise on some of the mose extreme judicial nominees we’ve seen since Bork—this country will be utterly unrecognizable to anyone born after 1962.

As Bob Roberts sang “The times are changin’ back.”

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