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Update: RawStory has picked up the story with a link to MikeDitto. Amanda also covered Zach’s story as part of Pandagon’s blogathon for Amnesty International. I guess a little outreach can work.

Keeping up with the story of Zach in Tennessee, who came out to his parents only to have them send him to a religious right camp in Memphis, with the intention of making him “straight.” I tried making the last update a sticky post, but it ended up making my whole blog disappear. So, I thought another post was in order.

I’m glad to see that some other blogs are also picking up the story. None of my efforts with some of the more widely-read blogs paid off, but it’s good to see that the story is spreading and getting more attention anyway.

People have been great about sending me stuff to post, too. Thanks to Adam Sanford for sending the drawing of Zach above. Paul Chirumbolo sent a link on reparative therapy, along with the following people to contact about Zack’s story.

Here are the lastest posts on Zack’s story:

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  2. ol cranky says:

    It looks like there are a lot of us little guys blogging about it (I tracked back to yesterday’s story which I came across because Amanda seems to be extending the blogathon to avoid housework). I also shot an email to the protest organizers (thanks to you posting the addy) to raise the concern I mention in the latter of my two posts (the possibility Refuge making an example of Zach). I hope to G-d his parents come to their senses and remember that when he was born the most important thing to them was that they’re little boy grow up to be happy and healthy, not that he grow up to be anything but gay.

  3. hope says:

    Rep Harold Ford just resigned, I believe – ethics scandal.

  4. Terrance says:

    It was his uncle — a state Senator — who was involved in the ethics scandal, and who just resigned. Harold Ford, Jr. is planning a run for the Senate.

  5. hope says:

    I pay limited (but obviously not close) attention to stuff that goes on in TN since I lived there for so long and my parents still live there. 🙂

  6. Rhea says:


    Visiting via Daddy, Papa and Me.

    I’m sitting here speechless after having read Zack’s site. I don’t have that much of a readership but when my thoughts are in better order tomorrow morning I will be posting something.

  7. Robster says:

    Thanks for publicizing this. I found my way here through Pandagon. I’m glad that the internets let us get attentiuon to this kind of abuse.

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