The Emancipation of Zach?

In one of his last posts before (involuntarily) entering Refuge, Zach wrote that his stay there would end “either the 17th or the 20th.” Today’s the 17th, so is it possible that today Zach will be released (albeit in the custody of his parents who put him in there in the first place?) I’m keeping an eye on the Queer Action Coalition blog, as well as Zach’s just in case there’s any news.

In the meantime, the story continues to spread. PageOneQ has a top story on the situation, emphasizing the role that bloggers played in getting the story noticed.

By the time that Tuesday was turning into Wednesday in England, the Google news “crawler” had discovered the story of Zach – and the bloggers, who had been on the story for days, fuelled the apart thirst for something from the more “mainstream” internet media. Then the GayNZ website in New Zealand picked up the story. The rest, as they say is history. Well, not quite, as the three sites were the only ones reporting on Zach until early evening on Wednesday – a lifetime in internet publishing. And where are the Timeses, the Posts, the Globes of this world?

There’s also an editorial from UK Gay News, which quotes blogs from other gay youth in similar situations, and includes links to further coverage from Detour Memphis, a Pulp Faction, and two local news spots.There’s also an online petition.

Gay News Blog
also links to a Planet Out story on Zach’s blog and the response.

Any further updates I come across will be posted here.

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