The Zach File

Posts about the end of the Love In Action Investigation have popped up on Famous and Nonfamous Strangers, The Disenchanted Forest, Pandagon, The All Spin Zone, Tennessee Guerilla Women, among others.

At this point, no one know just how the story will end, and we won’t until we somehow hear from Zach again. Since his outside contact is probably strictly limited, it may be a while. He started the two-week program on or around the 6th, and was supposed to get out on the 20th. Since I’m pretty sure the six-week extension runs consecutively to the two week program, it’s likely that Zach won’t be done with Refuge until sometime around the last week in July. Between now and then, we can only wait and see what else — if anything — happens.

Just a note that I’ve added a new page containing links to all my posts about Zach’s story, for easy reference in case anyone’s looking for all of them.

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  1. johnjb says:

    If he does surface and get online, at present he’d find over 1500 supportive commtnts posted to his blog.

    Take a minute and add your own – Imagine him finally logging on seeing thousands waiting.

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