Tell Kay to Can It

Back in September I vented my spleen about a House bill aimed at repealing D.C.’s gun laws. Via DCist comes news that Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison has proposed a bill in the Senate to do basically the same thing, because she just doesn’t feel safe without her handgun nearby.

Even though I no longer live in the District, after calling it home for more than 10 years I still feel a connection, and I can’t help thinking that the last thing D.C. needs is more guns on the streets. I don’t know what chance Hutchison’s bill has of passing the Senate, but it may have a better chance now than it would have before the election. Fortunately, also via DCist, I learned a gun control activist in California has started a petition to show support for D.C.’s handgun laws.

It might seem a little odd for someone in California to start a petition about a law in D.C., but considering that a Senator from Texas is proposing changing the law via a bill in Congress, where the citizens of D.C. have no vote, it’s not that odd. So, I signed, and I thought I’d post here and encourage others to sign too.

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2 Responses to Tell Kay to Can It

  1. John says:

    As a former DC resident and current resident of Texas, I made a point of writing to KBH about this one. Here’s the really important point about the DC gun law: it lets police get people off the street for other charges. So if someone gets picked up for some medium-bad offense for which they might get immediately released until a trial date, if they have a gun, they can be kept behind bars. If KBH has her way, more of those folks will be out on the DC streets. Nice, huh.

    The problem, of course, is that KBH doesn’t give a shit about DC; it’s just a way for her to score political points here in TX.

  2. Terrance says:

    You’re right about the D.C. gun law. One of the times I was called for jury duty (didn’t get selected) it was about a case concerning a guy who was caught carrying an unregistered weapon, though he was supstected of being invovled in some other wrongdoing in the area.

    I suspect you’re right about KBH’s motives too.

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