Right Wing Picks Up Zach’s Story

Coverage of Zach’s story seems to still be causing trouble for Love In Action/Refuge (LIA/R.) The facility is still under investigation by the state of Tennessee, over allegations that it may be operating without a license, and that counselors may be performing therapy for which they are not licensed.

Still no word from Zach, but the right wing media is now starting to pick up on the story. From AgapePress:

…A Christian group that tries to help people escape from homosexuality is again drawing attention from state investigators. Tennessee’s Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities wants to know if Love In Action International is conducting improper counseling sessions with unlicensed personnel. Love In Action recently was investigated by the Department of Children’s Services on a child-abuse complaint that was found to be unsubstantiated. John Smid, Love In Action’s executive director, says his group does not provide psychological, drug or alcohol counseling but helps people overcome homosexuality through faith in Jesus Christ. Love In Action’s work, particularly with teenagers, has drawn protests from pro-homosexual advocates. [AP]

CBN.Com also has a story up that actually includes the last name of Zach’s family. It also includes several quotes from Zach’s father. Not a word from Zach himself. What it also doesn’t say is whether Zach is accepting LIA/R’s teachings or not. It doesn’t say whether their attempt at reparative therapy is taking or not. If the article is any indication, we won’t be hearing from Zach until at least after his time with LIA/R is finished. He’s not allowed internet access while he’s in the program. On a somewhat positive note maybe this article, coming as it does from right wing source, will silence people who are still saying that Zach and his story are hoaxes.

Here’s one quote from Zach’s father.

“We felt very good about Zach coming here because…to let him see for himself the destructive lifestyle, what he has to face in the future, and to give him some options that society doesn’t give him today…Knowing that your son… statistics say that by the age of 30 he could either have AIDS or be dead.”

Well, I had similar words said to me at that age, as a 36 year old, HIV negative, gay man with a wonderful family and a great life, I hope Zach isn’t buying into the lie that they’re obviously trying to feed him. There is life — happy and healthy life — beyond of the narrow box his parents and LIA/R are trying to force him into.

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4 Responses to Right Wing Picks Up Zach’s Story

  1. rea says:

    Statistics say that ANYONE could have AIDS or be dead by the age of 30.

  2. And no word from Zach’s mom.
    Dad is the family spokesman, firmly in his God-given (well, white male privilege society’s God) role as head of his household.
    Order restored, the American family is saved.
    The great American myth.

  3. PBCliberal says:

    Yet on Zach’s blog, it was his dad who cried, while his mother teared up. And it was his mother who said the terrible things about him day after day. I wonder which of them is most deeply upset?

    Most telling in the article is Joe Stark’sas long as he’s under my roof statement:

    “But until he turns 18 and he’s an adult in the state of Tennessee, I’m responsible for him. And I’m going to see to it that he has all options available to him.”

    I would hope all those options include his cell phone, his friends his car and his Internet connection, but my guess is those “options” will take a long time to become available again.

  4. Ol Cranky says:

    NYTimes just picked it up too. Pam Spaulding and I have both blogged it.

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