The Lying Liars of LIA/R

I’ve been having an email conversation with some of the folks involved in churning up the blog storm around Zach’s story, and some interesting things have come to light. There’s a good summary post about it at The Disenchanted Forest.

In a previous post I quoted John Smid saying the following to Agape Press.

John Smid, Love In Action’s executive director, says his group does not provide psychological, drug or alcohol counseling but helps people overcome homosexuality through faith in Jesus Christ. Love In Action’s work, particularly with teenagers, has drawn protests from pro-homosexual advocates.

Funny. Because that ain’t what their website says.

Refuge is designed to minister to adolescents struggling with broken and addictive behaviors such as…

  • Pornography
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Sexual Promescuity
  • Homosexuality


As I pointed out before they have at least one licensed counselor on staff, licensed for drug and alcohol treatment, that is.

Danny Cobsy is the only staff member listed on the Love in Action Web site who is licensed by the state of Tennessee as a counselor.

Cosby is an alcohol and drug treatment counselor and works directly with the clients at Love in Action.

The same article that mentions the lone licensed counselor also mentions that LIA/R sometimes gets insurance companies to cover its “reparative therapy” program.

[Tommy] Corman has worked at Love in Action for about a year and a half. He said that though the program advertises treatment for problems associated with drugs, alcohol and pornography, it is homosexuality, which the organization sees as a “deviant sexual behavior,” that is the main focus of the program. Corman said that some clients come to Love in Action after de-toxing from drugs to “heal” themselves of homosexuality.

Corman said that he has helped clients convince insurance companies to cover the costs of the program.

Let’s do the math shall we? LIA/R is unlicensed, but has a licensed drug & alcohol counselor on staff. According to LIA/R, they don’t do drug and alcohol counseling. That just leaves “reparative therapy” which is considered unethical and which no one is licensed to practice. No insurance company in their right mind would want to pay for that, or be caught paying for it. Nor would they want their customers to hear that they were paying for it, because that would mean their customers were — in effect — paying for it. In fact they might even consider it insurance fraud.

Now to find out, we’d just need a graduate of LIA/R’s program, whose insurance did pay for it, to come forward. That is, unless LIA/R was lying about that too.

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  1. worldcitizen says:

    Insurance fraud is a very interesting angle. It wouldn’t surprise me at all, and I hope the folks down in Tennessee continue to pursue the issue.

    It would be a good activism project in general to research the mental health and addiction recovery benefits of insurance companies across the country–to see if our premiums do sometimes get spent on the destruction of gay and lesbian psyches, and, if so, to put a stop to it.

    Perhaps some of the exgaywatch folks know something about this issue….

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