You Shouldn’t Be Reading This

Update: This post has been edited so as not to imply that anyone said something they didn’t specifically say (but apparently didn’t counter either).

I gotta say, it’s more than a little discouraging when the message at a blogging 101 seminar for D.C. political types was that they only need to read the top 250 or so blogs (i.e., the "A-List" essentially), and that they really don’t need to bother with the rest of us. Hell, some of the “A-Listers” don’t even read blogs, except for other “A-Listers”. (Why do the rest of us read/link to them, again?) But then I don’t guess that have to enter into the discussion with the rest of us. After all, people are gonna read them anyway; probably because someone told them they should.

I shouldn’t be surprised. As a guy, I suppose I should be used to being judged according to who’s got the most or the biggest. That’s the way the world works. Shit flows downhill. The folks at the top of the hill get the goods. The rest of us get crapped on.

I don’t guess I have to worry about posting this either. After all  — given my place on the food chain, which isn’t such a bad spot, all things considered — you shouldn’t be reading this.

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8 Responses to You Shouldn’t Be Reading This

  1. John says:

    Who even has time to read 250 blogs?

    I thought the point of blogs was small publishing to small audiences. Yet everyone gets all hyped up about who’s the A-list, who’s small, and how to climb to the top. Sure, I’d love to have Ana Marie Cox’s book deal, too, but come on…

  2. rea says:

    Well, I don’t have time to read 250 blogs, but I read yours, ever since I stumbled across it a few weeks ago . . .

  3. Jami says:


    since i’m here… i think the top-down-ness of a lot of blogs has become off-putting, and since the less-read blogs tend to pick up the most interesting and important stories, they actually concentrate what’s good. no way kos and the 249 other top dogs racing each other for the scoop are giving us everything that’s cool in the best possible presentation. not even close.

  4. Terrance says:

    The rest of us merely comprise the pillar upon which the stars stand and shine.

  5. Andy says:

    Like I always say: the blogosphere is part Wild West and part high school.

  6. Tim Who? says:

    I read about 6 – 10 blogs only 2 would be considered A list.

    I worry that you spend too much time on how you rate, A list, B list, C list. Who cares. 2,000 hits or 200,000 hits again who cares.

    Picasso didn’t strive to be a great painter, he painted because that what he loved to do.

    Don’t blog to becomes famous, blog because you love it.

  7. I have my own A/B/C list — blogs I read without fail, blogs whose headlines I skim read to see if anything interests, and blogs who only show up if a post shows up in a keyword search.

    I know which list you’re on, T., and that’s good enough for me.

  8. Mark says:

    I think Tim Who? nailed it — the important thing is to blog because you want to (or even feel the need to).

    Worrying about how many readers you have often leads to a decline in quality, IMHO. Why? Because then you’re focusing on topics that may not interest you, thus reducing the quality and passion of the writing.

    Of course, I may just have that opinion because I’m probably on the “G” list. 🙂

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