Zach’s Story on MSNBC

Just came across this. Zach’s story has been picked up on MSNBC’s, uh, blog, by no less than Ron Reagan Jr.
He also takes a shot at John Smid, and give an on-the-mark summation on the notion of “reparative therapy.”

At the heart of this is the notion that people choose to be gay so they can chose to switchback. Common sense suggests otherwise. Remember coming home from school and telling your parents you decided to be heterosexual? I didn’t think so.

But the homophobic fringe clings to this mean-spirited fiction so they can deny that issues like same sex marriage are matters of civil rights. After all, if certain people are simply born gay, it wouldn’t be fair to persecute them. So, to stave off this uncomfortable reality, they induce in vulnerable teens the same self-loathing that so obviously troubles men like Reverend Smid.

Salon.Com also continues its four-part series on “reparative therapy” with part two, in which a straight guy pretends to be gay and visits a “reprative therapist” in Rockville, MD. Right in my backyard.

Barry Levy, a Christian counselor and licensed clinical social worker, is explaining to me what causes homosexuality. “Take the young boy who is more sensitive, more delicate, who doesn’t like rough-and-tumble, who is artistic,” he says. “He can’t hit the ball, fire the gun or shoot an arrow. There is a high correlation between poor eye-hand coordination and same-sex attraction.”

I am sitting in an overstuffed chair in Levy’s office in suburban Rockville, Md. The metal blinds are mostly shut. Tissues are at hand on a small coffee table. Levy is a middle-aged white man with a gentle voice. He wears a button-down Oxford shirt and pleated khakis hiked a bit too high. He stares at me serenely across the beige carpet, his legs crossed, giving me a warm smile.

All I can say is, better him than me.

It’s gratifying to see Zach’s story getting more play, and a bit more disinfecting sunlight being shed on “reparative therapy” mills like Love In Action/Refuge (LIA/R).

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  1. moonbatty says:

    It’s on the NY Times, too.

    Why it’s in “fashion and style”, I have no clue.

  2. piny says:

    >>He suggests that I may lack confidence and am turning my admiration for bold and masculine men into sexual desire for them. “I call it the Wizard of Oz principle,” he says. “The lion wants courage so he can be the most courageous one on the journey. Some people call it the ‘cannibal compulsion.’ Cannibals will eat people, but only the enemies they admire. If their enemies are courageous, cannibals will eat their heart. If they are strong, they’ll eat their muscles.”

    And if their enemies are virile

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