Non-White Woman in Trouble

I’ve written about this before, so I just wanted to point to an open letter to CNN and Nancy Grace (don’t get me started about her) about the case of Latoya Figuoera — a young Latino woman who’s been missing for eight days. The letter points out some important points about her case.

  1. Latoyia (we should only use her first name) is not white.
  2. She does not have blonde hair.
  3. She was not scheduled to get married last weekend.
  4. She’s from West Philadelphia.
  5. There may actually be a lead or two in her case.
  7. To the best of our knowledge, no one from Texas has yet offered to bring in cadaver dogs to search for Latoyia, nor have forensic dive teams volunteered to scour the Schuylkill or Delaware rivers.
  8. Also to the best of our knowledge, the FBI hasn’t been requested to participate in the investigation, nor have any DNA samples been rushed to Washington, DC.

 It’ll be interesting to see if CNN, Grace, or the rest of the media get the message.

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11 Responses to Non-White Woman in Trouble

  1. Ol Cranky says:

    you forgot her other child (a 7 year old, I think) – she’s a responsible mother who would not leave her child alone.

  2. I really appreciate your picking up this story – Latoyia’s only one of many, but it’s time we called out the media ratings whores and hypocrites for what they are.

    I’m not finished with this story yet, by any means. Until Nancy Grace gets something on her show about Latoyia, I’m going to keep pounding on it.

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  4. Ol Cranky says:

    Richard has set up a reward fund for information. I shot an email to not only Nancy Grace, but to the Abrams Report (MSNBC) in adddition to joining the swarm.

  5. Reina says:

    Thank you for not letting this story die!!! I am so disheartened that I don’t see Latoyia’s story on the **d damn news at night. P.S. if we all had to we could all come up with money to help out you know? even if it isn’t thousands—it would get more press and help

  6. Reina says:

    OT–You asked earlier why you thought people might or might not be into this blog—One of the things that works for me is that you pay attention to young people, especially young people of color

  7. Reina says:

    k-now i gotta rant a minute with the Jane thread earlier—couldn’t she put her money into the war on poverty, the war on people of color in America? if we don’t change ourselves (meaning all of america no matter what color), as is obvious, we will never be any use to another country. and we will fail them everytime due to our ingrained hegemony.

  8. Reina says:

    not a well written last post, sorry–hope it makes sense

  9. Reina says:

    i feel bad but OT; can we celebrate cool? and how to find cool?

  10. EricBrian says:

    Did you see this today on’s more links (top right):

  11. lorin11 says:

    Philadelphia Daily News has front-page story on national attention growing; let’s see if it sticks.

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