Looking for Latoyia

I was over at Tattered Coat, when I noticed Matt had a blogad up for the Latoyia Figueroa Reward Fund. After I smacked myself in the head for not thinking of it myself, I created a free ad and posted it in a few minutes.

Anyone who’s read the blog for a while knows stories like this are a pet peeve of mine. I blogged about Figueroa earlier this week, after reading about her case over on All Spin Zone, where they’ve been on a sort of crusade to bring Figueroa’s case to media attention. It’s been a succesful campaign thus far, in that sense, yielding a Philadelphia Daily News article and a front page article on CNN.Com, where the Natalie Holloway case has been getting pretty much non-stop attention. Another case of the blogs leading the media, but I’ll concentrate on the positive and be glad that the case is receiving more attention.

Of course, Latoyia’s case isn’t the only missing persons case you haven’t heard much in the media about. There’s Tamika Huston, whose case I blogged about earlier, when the "Runway Bride" case was in the media.

I wonder if there isn’t more bloggers can do here, when the media doesn’t necessarily see a hot story. I think the example set by All Spin Zone, proves that there is. By the way, if you haven’t dropped by there to contribute to the reward fund, consider doing so.

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4 Responses to Looking for Latoyia

  1. Reina says:

    We gotta find this baby and her baby. What the fuck is wrong with all of us if we aren’t right here for this love?

  2. Reina says:

    why is there only one comment here?

  3. Matt says:

    I wonder if there isn’t more bloggers can do here, when the media doesn’t necessarily see a hot story.

    T, ol cranky of Disenchanted Forest just posted a message on Philly Future that I think bears serious consideration. Check it out.

    I think it’s so important that bloggers outside of Philly are posting on this — keep up the excellent work.

  4. Hi, I have three blogs running, two for my dad and one for my community. I only recently entered the blogosphere, so be kind… I am beginning to devlop thick skin, however… I have the Amber Alert ticker running on my site at http://thisissmyrnatn.blogspot.com. This is certainly one good way and I like your ad. It is great. I’d like to learn more about blogads.

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