I forgot to mention the lauch of CurrentTV — Al Gore’s latest venture — earlier, but it’s on and I’m watching it now. Pretty interesting. Of course, they have a blog too. It’s definitely different than a lot of whats on television, because it invites viewers to contribute to programming.

We call it viewer-created content, or VC2, and it’s created in the Current Studio, an online extension of our real studios in San Francisco and LA. Anybody can join in to produce VC2 (and get paid for it) or watch and vote for what goes on TV.

See those four squares in our logo? We call it the cursor, and like an old-school command prompt, it means we’re awaiting input.

There are even featured uploads, and promises of more to come.  

I gotta admit, this viewer participation angle interests me, and I think I’ve got something unique that might interest them. After all, how many working bloggers are out there? I know a few, but it’s still a relatively new field. I’m thinking of a segment called "A Day in the Life of a Blogmaster." Now I just need someone with a video camera to shoot it.

Then again, would footage of me sitting at a computer really be that interesting? emoticon

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2 Responses to CurrentTV

  1. RainbowDemon says:

    You Go, Brother T…

    It would be a HELLUVA lot more interesting than any other “Reality Show” that I’ve ever seen… (and that’s not too many…)


  2. neilemac says:

    Write on brother T, I have access to a camera but, alas, I’m a long way up the coast in NS. Maybe I can get my movie making friend RAN to do something like that here. My problem is that I’m too busy reading blogs and links and answering IM and snail mail to even take the time to blog myself. However, I do intend on writing a blog about you. Don’t know how I could connect all the dots without you and am sure your many fans feel the same. Besides, you’re the one whom is “current,” T. Thanks again.
    namasté neil e

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