The Roberts’ Adoptions

I came across this twice today, once during my foray among the freepers and again via Atrios. I finally took a deep breath and dove into Drudge to find out that the New York Times is apparently doing a story on the adoptions of John Roberts’ two kids.

dancejohnjr.pngThe NEW YORK TIMES is looking into the adoption records of the children of Supreme Court Nominee John G. Roberts, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

The TIMES has investigative reporter Glen Justice hot on the case to investigate the status of adoption records of Judge Roberts’ two young children, Josie age 5 and Jack age 4, a top source reveals.

Judge Roberts and his wife Jane adopted the children when they each were infants.

Both children were adopted from Latin America.

A TIMES insider claims the look into the adoption papers are part of the paper’s "standard background check."

It’s interesting because the hubby and I were chatting about the Roberts’ adoptions about a week ago, after young John Jr. delighted audiences with his dancing. Having been through the adoptions process (albeit domestic) we both had the same question on our minds. How did the Roberts’ manage to adopt two blonde and apparently white kids? I’ve brought this up before. Healthy white infants available for adoption are not easy to come by. Unless something has changed, it generally costs more and takes more work to adopt healthy white infants than to adopt healthy non-white infants. And the Roberts apparently adopted two. So we couldn’t help wondering how they did it and how much it cost them.

We were wrong on one count, tho’. We both assumed, given that the kids are apparently white and blonde, that the Robert’s must have adopted from Russia or some other eastern European country where there are caucasian infants available for adoption. According to Drudge, the kids were adopted from Latin America. I can only guess what the rest of the story is. Were the adoptions legal? I guess we’ll known more when the Times story comes out.

That is, if Drudge and the freepers don’t kill it first. I tend to agree with Atrios on this. Trying to kill the story before it even comes out suggests that perhaps there’s something to hide.

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5 Responses to The Roberts’ Adoptions

  1. KipEsquire says:

    It’s bad enough that we as a citizenry endure a chilling effect of worthy candidates being scared out of public life because they don’t want to endure these intrusive background checks, but now how worse might it become if they say, “Sheesh, they’re gonna probe my kids too? Skroo that!”

    I say make sure the kids aren’t androids or blood-sucking aliens from the planet Zondax, and if not, then leave them alone.


  2. trey says:

    you know, I kind of agree with Kip here, this is a bit much. ok, so they are blond white kids. it is harder to adopt blond white kids, but not impossible. we know lots of couples that have, some have adopted two.

    WHY would one assume there was anything untoward here?

    I think this is going a bit far. As much as I don’t like Roberts and don’t want him on the court, this is a bit sleazy looking into the adoptions when there is NO indication there was anything unethical or illegal at all going on.

    Disagree with you here, I think this is an unfair intrusion not into this man’s life, but into these two children’s lives.

  3. shirky says:

    I don’t really get what anyone expects to find in adoption records. Evidence that the Robertses bought or stole these children?

    And have to say I don’t think it’s that strange that they are white and from Latin America. There are black, white, asian, and indian heritages in latin america, just like there are here in the USA.

    I really have to say, while I know the NYT has its reasons for investigating (the journalistic drive and all), I don’t feel comfortable taking up this angle and using it to fight Roberts. It feels too much like using the fact that his children are adopted against him, and I can’t accept that.

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  5. Yvette says:

    The investigation (if real) is one thing. The continuing reference in the mainstream media–on the left, right, and center–continually refering to Roberts “and his adopted children” is infuriating. Unless these stories are about adoption (they are not) it is not necessary to identify them as such. They are his children. Period.

    Can’t say I am a fan of Roberts. But as an advocate for adoption it annoys me that we have to keep teaching the media about “positive adoption language.” A useful (though somewhat dated) reference your readers may find helpful can be found here:

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