Reagan Revulsion

It never ends, this strange conservative madness for naming anything that doesn’t move after Ronald Reagan. I’ve been a bit out of touch on local news lately, but the hubby — who’s started reading blogs lately — brought this to my attention yesterday, and this morning I found it confirmed in the Washington Post. Republican’s want to name D.C.’s 16th St. NW after Ronald Reagan.

A Republican congressman from South Texas has proposed renaming 16th Street NW as Ronald Reagan Boulevard.

Rep. Henry Bonilla, co-chairman of the 2000 and 2004 Republican national conventions, quietly introduced the 106-word resolution before Congress adjourned for summer recess July 28.

As word has spread in the nation’s capital, neighborhood Web logs in the overwhelmingly Democratic city have crackled with disbelief, and elected D.C. leaders yesterday joined in protest. The Republican chairman of a key House committee also criticized the idea.

Of course, D.C. residents and official raised all manner of hell upon hearing the news, and calculating the $1 million price that would come with it in order to change street signs, etc. But objections from people who live in the District are meaningless unless they have congressional support. Fortunately, they did in this case.

Rep. Thomas M. Davis III (R-Va.), chairman of the House Government Reform Committee with jurisdiction over Bonilla’s legislation, called it "ridiculous" and said he would put it in the "appropriate file," according to a report on radio station WTOP’s Web site that was distributed by Davis aides.

Davis noted that Congress has renamed Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and dedicated the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center on Pennsylvania Avenue NW. "If Congressman Bonilla wants to name anything else, he has to look at his own district in San Antonio," Davis said.

Is it arrogance or obsession? Maybe it’s both, but I get the distinct feeling they won’t stop until they’ve renamed the whole of D.C. after Reagan; probably just to punish us for refusing to call National Airport by its new name. 



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  1. Jeff says:

    Yeah, I’m at least glad Davis thinks it’s as ridiculous as we do. Hopefully the bill won’t go anywhere except the circular file.

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