Same shit. Different day.

I’m not sure which is more irritating. NARAL’s call to action for supporters to sound off on "top blogs" — Kos, Atrios, MyDD, the Left Coaster, and Swing State Project to be specific — on the Roberts Supreme Court nomination (as if the rest of us are chopped liver) or Kos’ response that NARAL and other groups should focus on getting Democrats elected first and their specific issues second.

The NARAL post is the same old straight-to-the-top, biggest-bang-for-buck strategy that I’ve heard before. Go to the big guys and ignore the rest of us. What’s ironic is that NARAL points in their post that pro-choice and feminist voices can get lost in the hundreds of comments that some posts get on the "bigger" blogs.

Hello?!? How does that not underscore the liklihood that you stand a better chance of being heard on "second tier" and "third tier" blogs that don’t suffer from "comment bloat"? Then again, I guess NARAL is only following the advice that the K Street crowd recently got from some top bloggers that they only need to focus on the top hundred or so. So much for that "long tail."

Then there’s Kos’ post, which is basically ground I’ve covered before about the notion that various groups (gays, women, etc.) should set their issues aside "for the greater good" and focus on getting Democrats elected. Like I said before, it’s not sufficient. Suggesting to NARAL they need to support "anti-abortion" Democrats like telling me I need to find it in myself to support anti-gay Democrats. It probably ain’t gonna happen. And, frankly, the idea that an uncompromising commitment to gay & lesbian equality is akin to having a "pet issue" is insulting. The only thing more mystifying is that Kos doesn’t seem to get that.

But if Kos doesn’t get it, at least one of his commenters does.

The Democratic Party works to insure that the Pennsylvania senate race is between two anti-choicers by trying to manuever pro-choice Dems out of the primary.  So NARAL retaliates by endorsing a Republican in an election that will be between two pro-choicers.  Not to hard to understand.  Demanding that NARAL toe the party line makes little sense unless the Democrats stop playing around with the idea that maybe they ought to support rolling back women’s rights a little just to win some elections.

Abandon your traditional constituencies, or distance yourself from them with the message that you’ll be back soo? This is a winning strategy? Maybe for Republicans seeking to move the Democratic party further right, so that the country is left with a choice between Republicans and Republicans-Lite.

As for the promise to get around to all the other issues when Dems get their majority back, I’m not sure I’m ready to take that to the bank yet. I think I still gotta see how far right the Dems are gonna go in order to get their majority, because that’s going to seriously affect how effectively they’ll be able to pursue all those "pet issue" Kos and others seem to think we should set aside "for the greater good." I ask again, why does the greater good often seem not to include folks like me, except somewhere on the fringes as "things we’ll get to later"?  

Like I said at the top. Same shit. Different Day.

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    You couldn’t have said it better.

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