Walken to the White House?

Christopher Walken, that is.

When I first saw the item in my newsreader Saturday morning, I didn’t bother to click through to read, thinking it was a joke.

Last night I stumbled across it on TalkLeft, and clicked through to the website. It seems all too real, but at the same time the overall feel of the site and the (lack of) content give me the feeling it’s some sort of gag. Plus his campaign platform is kinda sparse. Three issues?  That’s it? And then there’s this quote at the top right corner.

If you want to learn how to build a house, build a house. Don’t ask anybody. Just build a house.

That works pretty well, until your learning experience comes crashing down on your head or somebody elses. Besides, don’t we already have a president who goes off half-cocked, without knowing what the hell he’s doing?

But, hey, I didn’t believe "Ah-nold" would get elected. So, what to I know?

Update: Via TalkLeft, once again, comes word that the Walken ’08 site is probably a fake.

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