Suspect Charged in Huston Case

I wrote about the missing persons case of Tamika Huston a while back. This afternoon I read that a suspect has been charged in the case.

More than a year after her disappearance, a man has been charged in connection with missing woman Tamika Huston. Huston, 24, went missing in June 2004. Her car was found abandoned at an apartment complex a week later.

In March, Spartanburg Public Safety officials said that they had identified a "person of interest" in the case. At the time, investigators said the man, a former bank robber, was related to a Spartanburg apartment building where authorities found traces of Huston’s blood in January.

Investigators said a set of keys found in Huston’s car led them to the apartment building.

Friday afternoon, Public Safety Director Tony Fisher said that Christopher Lemont Hampton, 25, has been charged with murder. Fisher said recently uncovered forensic evidence indicated that Hampton was responsible for Huston’s death.

The case has gotten considerable attention on blogs, as a USA Today article noted, which even caused the issue of "racial profiling" in missing persons cases to bubble up into the traditional media. I don’t know that bloggers had much effect the police finding and arresting a suspect in the case, but at least Huston’s story reached a wider audience. Of course, an arrest is not a conviction, but I hope her family can take some degree of comfort in knowing that some progress has been made in the case.

There hasn’t been any progress reported in the missing persons case of Latoyia Figueroa. If you want to donate to the reward fund for Latoyia’s case, hit the ad in the sidebar.

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