Missing Monday

Now this is a meme worth jumping on. Bloggers helped bring media attention to missing persons cases of people like Tamika Houston and Latoyia Figueroa. Well, now Chocolate Starfish has declared the first Monday of every month to be Missing Monday.

Wouldn’t it be a fantastic idea, I thought, if all bloggers, just one day a month (say, the first Monday of each month) posted a pic and a few details of someone missing – someone from their own local area – with a few background details, a pic, info on who to contact etc. It only takes a minute or two of our time. But it could, just could, save someones life or, at the very least, bring some respite to a desperate family.

Blogs are a different kettle of fish altogether though, are’t they? Most blogs are viewed by a great many people throughout each day. A pic on a blog, with a little info, can traverse the world and gain much wider exposure than almost any other form of publicity.

    So. Once again, I propose the following:

Who will join me in making the first Monday of each month ‘Missing Day’? – What a fantastic thing if the whole blogging community got together in a really powerful way. You could just save someones life.

Count me in.  The first Monday of every month, there will be a post here about a missing person’s case in the D.C. metro area.

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