Latoyia Found?

A contact from a reader led me to some news in the case of Latoyia Figueroa. Unfortnately, it’s pretty sad news, if it’s true.

Philadelphia police said they believe remains recovered in Chester early Saturday may be those of a pregnant woman missing for a month, and also said they have her boyfriend into custody.

Inspector William Colarulo said early Saturday that he could not confirm that the remains were those of LaToyia Figueroa, 24, whose disappearance has gained national attention, but investigators believed that to be the case.

"We have strong reason to believe that it is her," Colarulo said. Colarulo said early Saturday the boyfriend had not been arrested or charged. Police scheduled a 10 a.m. Saturday news conference in Philadelphia on the case.

All Spin Zone has an update saying that Figueroa’s boyfriend may have been "caught red-handed" trying to move her remains.  Bloggers, especially Phillidelphia-area bloggers like Richard at All Spin Zone, have been all over the Figueroa case, helping bring more media attention to the search. The reward fund has reportedly raised $100,000. It’s a good demonstration of one way in which local and state bloggers can help bring attention to under-covered cases, and perhaps make a big difference.

In the interest of hoping against hope that the remains may not be Figueroa, for the sake of her family and her seven-year-old child, I’m going to leave the ad up on the sidebar until there’s confirmation that it’s really her. If there’s confirmation, then I’ll replace the ad with another one for a missing persons case, even if it’s not time for Missing Monday yet.

Update: It’s confirmed. The remains found are Latoyia’s. A former boyfriend of Latoyia’s has been arrested. 

Police have recovered the remains of a missing pregnant woman and arrested the father of the unborn child in the death, authorities announced Saturday.

The suspect, Stephen Poaches, is a former boyfriend of 24-year-old LaToyia Figueroa, who has been missing for a month.

District Attorney Lynne M. Abraham said Poaches, 25, would be charged with two counts of murder and related offenses for the deaths of Figueroa and her fetus.

CNN is also carrying the story.

Here’s hoping that Latoyia’s family can take some comfort in knowing that at least she has been found and they can lay her to rest. I can’t help but think that the attention bloggers helped focus on Latoyia’s and Tamika Huston’s cases at least helped keep the pressure on officials to continue investigations.  

The Disenchanted Forest, All Spin Zone, and Missing & Abducted have more on this story.  

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  1. Mike says:

    That’s bad news if it’s true, and while we don’t know whether things would have turned out differently had the media paid attention to this case sooner, keeping the pressure on can only be a good thing.

    Speaking of media, have you read about Bob Costas refusing to host Larry King Live because the topic was Natalee Holloway? This is the sort of thing that needs to be applauded and rewarded — he suggested other topics for the show, but they declined so he walked.

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi, maybe you could help with this missing 13 year old case. The child was last seen in Hermitage, TN on August 12th. See the blog at

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