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I checked my email yesterday to find a new ad had been submitted. Little did I know it was from Kos.

I just placed a 50-blog Blogad ad buy through the Liberal Blog Advertising network urging readers of their favorite blogs to donate to those bloggers.

I am an anomaly in the blog world, able to make a living off my work. The vast majority of bloggers struggle to blog between day jobs, family, and other pressures. It’s an often thankless job, yet the growth of the progressive blogosphere is a key component of the growth of a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy and must be nurtured.

Wow. Thanks, Kos! (Especially after some of the Kos-related griping I’ve done here.)

Actually, I’m something of an anomaly too, when it comes to blogging, in that I fall into the category of a "professional blogger." I don’t make money from my own blog (I wish!), but my blogging got me a job as "Blog Master" (my actual job title, I kid you not) for a political/internet strategy company. Blogging, reading blogs, managing blogs, building blogs, consulting on them and promoting them is all part of my work. In that sense I’m very fortunate to have a job that supports and dovetails with my blogging.

I’m going to borrow a move from Steve Rubel and use this post to spotlight 10 blogs that I enjoy reading.  But, as Rubel did, I’m creating a new "10blogs" tag on this blog, and I’d like to encourage other to do the same, and use it to post links to blogs you’d like to support or that you think should get more attention. Blog trackers like Technorati and Ice Rocket will pick it up, and and if enough people do it, it might turn into a way of getting more voices heard. (That is, when people seach that tag on the various blog tracking systems.)

I read or track somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 to 300 blogs on a daily basis, so it’s hard to choose, but here are some that I always make time to check out.

Rox Populi
AntiWar.com Blog
The Progressive Blog Alliance (Several good progerssive blogs listed there.)
Law Dork
Keith Boykin (Keith is kinda who I wanna be someday, when I grow up.)
Daddy, Papa & Me (A great blog by a gay dad.)

There are lots more I could list, but I’ll keep it at 10 for now, and make sure to do this again and list another 10 the next time. I’ve been discovering new (or new-to-me) blogs in the last week, so the list of blogs I follow is getting even longer. 

Oh, and if you have anything you’d like to advertise on this blog, use the contact page to email me, and I’ll send you the code to get a free ad on this blog via BlogAds. 

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3 Responses to 10 Blogs

  1. Brian says:

    I think my favorite part of Boykin’s website is the “I told my Nathan that I didn’t want a stuffy party where everyone stood around the pool and looked pretty.” …. followed by pictures of people standing around the pool looking pretty.

    Based upon a quick glance at his site, please don’t change your blog. I didn’t delve too deep into his site, but I’ve seen boys in speedos and I hope that by the time we reach 40 and beyond we can move past Fire Island.

  2. Lauren says:

    And thank you! You always have great news and commentary. I adore your blog.

  3. Roxanne says:

    It’s an honor for me to be included in that list you have there. And I was also surprise to be included in that KOS buy.

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