Sending Links

Wow. Now this is something I’ve never seen. A top blogger asking people to send him links.

As part of my duty to help the progressive blogosphere get smarter, I’ve asked you to send me links. Not just links on an issue, but links on a regular basis. The right-wingosphere thrives on links but the progressive blogosphere is too stingy with them and way too insular for its long-term viablitiy. I don’t get enough emails with people saying “check this out”.

So start doing that. Send me emails and send them to other bloggers.

I’ve heard of top bloggers asking people not to send them emails, or posting long lists of rules on how to send them emails, but this is new to me.

Of course, I appreciate any links people send my way to check out. Like any other blogger, I always need material to blog about, but I can’t necessarily find all the interesting stuff on my own. So, I’ll echo Oliver on this one. Send him links. And while you’re at it, send some my way too. Or leave ’em in comments. If I can find time to check ’em out and post about ’em I will.

Via Roxanne.

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