Guys and Dolls


This is a little creepy. (Note: May be NSFW, "Not Safe For Work.") Grown men and "real life dolls," life-sized silicon female dolls, are the subjects of a photo essay.

From the moment a doll is lifted from her shipping crate, she becomes a vessel for the possibilities of her owner’s imagination. She rises to life with a breath of imagination and hope. She is given a name, an elaborate history, and unique traits: Ginger-Brook, a loner from California who wants nothing to do with her family; CJ, a newscaster on prime-time television reporting from around the world; Sidore, a boarding school trouble-maker raised on the outskirts of Tokyo, now a Goth.

What do these guys do with those dolls? Are they merely sex toys, or actually artificial companions. Do some of them have trouble relating to real women who have their own histories, thoughts, and feelings beyond what these guys might project on to them? And what of the pictures of real women with these doll? Do the dolls belong to the women in the pictures, or to the men in their lives who are absent in the pictures? What do the women think of the dolls?

 Do the dolls come from here? (NOTE: NSFW)

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  1. Nick Lewis says:

    I was particularly moved by the facial expressions of the realdolls.

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