Gore Gets Folks Out of NOLA

While Bush is busy doing fake photo-ops, Gore is quietly helping to get people out.

Rob Webb, director of Rural/Metro Ambulance Service in Blount County, said hospital patients and evacuees flown into Knoxville from New Orleans Saturday showed their gratitude as they left the plane.

"I welcomed them to Tennessee, told them they were going to be taken care of in a nice hospital,’" Webb said.

An American Airlines plane arrived at McGhee Tyson Airport at 3:10 p.m. Saturday with about 130 people from New Orleans.

Former Vice President Al Gore was on the plane, helping patients. He did not grant interviews to reporters Saturday.

"My understanding was that he made this happen, that he [Gore] actually arranged for this aircraft,’" Webb said.

Ninety of the passengers were patients from Mercy Hospital in New Orleans, according to Knox County spokesman Dwight Van de Vate.

Kinda makes you wonder what might have been, doesn’t it? Would that we’d actually had that kind of leadership over the last several days.

Via Booman Tribune

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5 Responses to Gore Gets Folks Out of NOLA

  1. Bernie says:

    Thanks. Make me even more furious at Bush.

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  5. Not you says:

    Saying Gore was on the plane and it was someone’s “understanding” that he arranged for the event is a far cry from actually doing it.

    I know a whole bunch of folks down in the Gulf Coast area doing the same thing… and now, I don’t wonder what it would have been like with Gore. Am happy with Bush.

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