Mass Asshattery?

I had my head down most of the weekend, dealing with the sever move (not an easy task with a blog that has as many entries as this one) so I didn’t get to comment on much that was going on. In particular, I didn’t have a chance to comment on the unfolding controversy around the design of the flight 93 memorial.

It goes something like this.  

There’s a growing outcry that one element of the newly chosen Flight 93 National Memorial represents Islam and is a slap in the face to the passengers and crew members who died on the hijacked plane four years ago.

The winning design, announced Wednesday in Washington, D.C., includes what is called the "Crescent of Embrace." That element of the project calls for two rows of red maple trees to be planted around a bowl-shaped piece of land adjacent to the crash site. The trees, according to the architects, are there to create a physical edge to the landscape and accentuate the topography.

Almost immediately upon seeing the design, online bloggers suggested that it is inappropriate to use a red crescent in the memorial.

To many, that shape represents Islam, and the symbol is used on the flags of several Muslim countries, including Turkey, Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

The four men who hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 on its way from Newark, N.J., to San Francisco were Muslim.

The usual suspects have all chimed in.

Having taken in the whole thing, I’m now wrestling with one question. Does it make sense to nominate an entire group of people — henceforth known as "the crescent kooks" — for a mass Asshat award

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7 Responses to Mass Asshattery?

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  2. Johnny Dee says:

    Have you seen the flags of Colorado & S. Carolina lately? (“,)

  3. neilemac says:

    They’ll put robber barons in the WH and condemn poor American children to die for their sins on foreign soil, but they find a semi circle of maple trees to contest.
    The trine of rightwhiners under "the usual suspects" above are much more scary and ill informed an those whom have created the project.

    But responding to the above was not the particular reason I’m writing. It’s this.

    Welcome back T

    .  I love it, thanks for the simple accessible options to format looks and links; they’re similar options offered with ‘’ , a reason I was especially enamored with their site and blogged there. Congratulations on your brand new cyberhouse. Very tidy but still  having the same favorite comfortable chair in the room kind of feel. If numbers were given time spent instead of each time clicking on your site your count would be through the roof. You’re the first site I search out most mornings and through out the day.  It’s always nested in my sidebar reader and ready to reveal any question I may have on "What’s goin’ on?"  (Aaaah, Marvin Gaye’s spirit just brushed my soul.)

    And another thing, for a few weeks it seems there has been but one item at a time listed in my reader under your name. Today there’s a feast. I chose to respond under ‘Mass Hattery’ thinking it was another game I did.  However, I’m glad I did. Now I can go read the rest of your posts. In a word. "Bravo!"
    and of course, namasté  

  4. stroll says:

    I hate to chime in looking like a "Crescent Kook" myself, but I have to say I see their point.  While Islam didn’t kill the people on the flight, Islamic extremeists did.  It’s almost as if it is too much of a coincidence that a  prominent symbol of Islam is prominently displayed in a memorial to  9/11 victims.   I, too,  think it is inappropriate.

  5. gowain says:

    At first I was a Crescent Kook but then I did some research. If you look at the drawings, you see a ragged, meandering semicircle. The family members approved it. I believe the architect chose the name innocently and for him, it has become a happy accident that it stirred so much controversy. All the publicity, you know.  <BR><a href=""&gt; MORE HERE</a>……..<A href=""&gt; AND HERE </A>

  6. Clint says:

    Perhaps you could explain why you consider this “asshattery”? Especially when you define “asshat” as a “contemptible or detestable person”.

    I’m a crescent agnostic, but perhaps if you are going to assert that these critics are contemptible or detestable, perhaps you could give some indication of why you detest them.

  7. Martian says:

    Uhhhhh excuse me, but……….How in the world does this design get picked to be the winning design over the other ones??? This design was just one of over a thousand proposals, and clearly this architect’s design does have symbolic overtones [even if only a few Americans notice it] that cannot be rationally dismissed.
    However, let’s not blame the architect, RATHER…. BLAME THE INCOMPETENT LEADERSHIP OF THIS COMMITTEE [IDIOTS] WHO PICKED THIS DESIGN OUT OF A THOUSAND!!! Coincidence??????? As an American, I am utterly ashamed and we Americans need to make those who picked this design personally accountable.

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