10blogs for Friday

Another ten noteworthy blog posts from this week.

  1. Talking Donkeys – Newsweek: A Post-Katrina “Come to Jesus Moment”
  2. WhitePrivilege.Com – A Poem by Suheir Hammad
  3. That Colored Fella’s Weblog – I Can See Clearly Now
  4. Christian, Gay and Confused – 1. First Post
  5. Pandagon – You Got Your Chicks in My Jesus
  6. Feministe – Women: Ruining the World
  7. Mandrake Society – Black Panthers old vs. new OR why we need to talk, pt. 1 and And a man is…? OR why we need to talk, pt. 2
  8. Peter’s Cross Station – The Relative Value of My Family
  9. BOP News – The Underclass
  10. Zen Under the Skin – Katrina’s Lesson of Impermanence

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