Clark/Feingold in ’08?

That’s what the Daily Kos straw poll says this month.

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For the record, I voted for “Other”; something I’ve wanted to do more often lately, when it comes to picking a candidate, given the likelihood of any candidate who truly represented my values actually winning a nomination, let alone a general election.

Clark/Feingold? Certainly wouldn’t have been my pick. But what do I know? Last time around I was a “Deaniac.”

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3 Responses to Clark/Feingold in ’08?

  1. trey says:

    for lack of a better choice… I’m a Clark/Feingold supporter…

    but if i had my druthers… it’d be Obama/Newsom… but i might have to wait 8-16 years…


  2. TCF being a fellow hardcore Deaniac also, I had no problems settling for the Kerry/Edwards ticket. And, I still strongly believe that we went with the best candidates, who ran the most effective campaign possible. We laid out the truth and the facts to the American people. Yet now, the realization has set in that they were suckered by lies, fear and intolerance.

    Right now, I’m in the ‘anybody but Bayh, Vilsack, Biden and Lieberman’ camp. And, if I were to opt for the safest bet, TCF would prefer the tested Kerry/Edwards ticket in ’08.

    However, given the righteous accountability currently being applied to Bush and the Republicans, I’m all in on the smartest politician in the hunt – Hillary Clinton.

  3. RainbowDemon says:

    I’d also be in the 3% catagory with you, Terrence.


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