The Katrina Collection

I’ve been coming across these links for days, and finally collected enough to post them. Whatever the political fallout from Katrina may be, it’s definitely the first hurricane with it’s own video (Quicktime, Windows Media).


With a line of George W. Bush dancers, no less.

The music in the video is “George Bush Doesn’t Like Black People,” which is a take-off of Kanye West’s “Goldigger.”

GeorgeBushDoesntCareAboutBlackPeople.mp3 (Right click to download.)

Dope Poets has their own version — “Hurricane Katrina” — out and available for download.

And Public Enemy’s Chuck D. says “Hell No We Ain’t Alright.”

public_enemy-hell_no_we_aint_allright_[children_of_eris_mix].mp3 (Right click to download.)

Via Aanthems, Connecting the Dots, and TheBlueState.Com.

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