We Ain’t Ready


A co-worker of mine sent me this image last night. It the potential course of hurricane Rita. Taking it in kind of took my break away with the the thought of possible devastation in human, material and economic terms. If the post-Katrina scenario, and ongoing confusion (Katrina evacuees must now be evacuated from Rita’s path), one thing is pretty clear: we ain’t ready.

Aside from the lives lost and the property damage, the potential economic repercussions of losing a good number of refineries is more than I can imagine. And when half of Texas looks to George W. Bush for help, will they get it? He pretty much cashed in his chips on Katrina. What will he have left for Texas? What will we have left for Texas? Where will the money come from to rebuilt Texas?

Of course, there’s always the chance that Rita will weaken, change course, and we will have dodged a bullet. This time. But it’s really only just a matter of time before a big storm hits the region. I’ll say it again: we ain’t ready.

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2 Responses to We Ain’t Ready

  1. Tom says:

    I think this new Monster Storm should cause a re-think about spending kazillions rebuilding New Orleans. These super hurricanes may be fairly regular occurances in the years to come — due to global warming and/or the regular cycle of worldwide climate changes.

    It may be that everything build along the Gulf coast has to be able to withstand a Category Five hit. And, we should take into account the rise in the water level that will come due to melting glaciers.

    Maybe New Orleans should be moved to Utah or Colorado. It would be much cheaper in the longrun. Meantime, we need a nice rational president to replace our current one. Someone who will ween us from our guzzling-oil habit.

  2. Chance says:

    I live right on the Oklahoma/Texas border and the local meterologists/ storm chasers are saying we can expect 7-10″ of rain and 50mph straight-line winds.

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