LIA/R Lives One More Week

It look likes Love In Action/Refuge (LIA/R) — the “reparative therapy” facility Zach’s parents sent him to when he came out to them — is getting a one week reprieve.

The Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities has backed down on an order closing a facility that claims to turn gays straight.

The department now is giving the Love In Action facility an additional week to apply for a license or the order will be carried out.

The state contends the group needs a license for the services the group claims to provide and gave it until September 23 to comply. (story) Love In Action Executive Director John Smid said the organization is trying to meet the state’s requirements. but refused to go in any details.

Not much more information than that, I’m afraid. It sounds as if the state of Tennessee is trying to give LIA/R a chance to get their act together. On one hand, it could be that they’re trying to be fair to LIA/R (*shudder*). But it could be that Tennessee is a conservative enough state, that officials are sympathetic enough with LIA/R’s mission to give them a fighting chance to stay open.

Further updates as events. warrant.

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